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Today, every enterprise whether big or small, dreams of becoming a global entity! These dreams, however, can translate into reality only if one understands and takes into account the differences among cultures around the world! A rule or business strategy that applies to one society might not pay the same dividends if applied to another society. Every niche market has its own set of requirements.

Every country, every state responds differently to a business plan or marketing strategy.

A tagline, a slogan, a quote used for promotion, marketing or advertising holds the key to success, in most of the scenarios involving global outreach of businesses. If used carefully, pays rich dividends; if backfires, breaks a business down to ruins in no time!

For example, Audience of a country may find a joke about its women funny; in another culture where women are given immense respect, it may be deemed derogatory, and the enterprise or brand may be taken down with immediate effect.

Here are some interesting tips for reaching a global audience –

  • Utilise the knowledge of native writers, or business strategists for advertising 

People who know the demographics well will be the best to judge the sentiments of masses or the reactions that they will have to different ways of speaking or conveying a message.

  • Hire a local translator of the place who must be knowing all nuances and nitty-gritty of the local language and its dialects

Language is not just a word; it is a sentiment, a mode of expressing one’s feelings, views and opinions. Every language has innumerable dialects that change from town to town, or valley to valley. A word that means something in one dialect may not mean the same in another, and can convey an altogether different meaning.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

It is a tool which if utilised wisely can brighten the expansion or globalisation prospects of an entity manifold. It keywords that one uses to catch the attention of social media or internet users to vary from language to language and culture to culture. An enterprise needs to understand that SEO should also be utilised optimally by designing ways to convey an idea powerfully to masses with different views and needs.

  • Digital marketing

It is the thing of the day! Every student of management looks for a course in digital marking which holds the key to a successful career in marketing and advertising, taking into consideration the popularity of social media platforms around the globe.

  • It is always better to go for mergers or partnerships than for acquisitions or competition with local companies so as to avoid unnecessary objections and hindrances.

Any company which intends to grow and expand in the global market is bound to take away a share of the market from the local companies of the places where it is launching its products or services. The local companies are then bound to oppose the foreign company from expanding. It is, thus, essential to work in tandem with the local government and authorities as well as the local enterprises to ensure a peaceful and promising way ahead for globalisation.

  • Understanding the political scenario, the socio-economic status of the place is very important

Any business that dreams of thriving in a new environment or market needs to understand that every nation or state has its own set of laws, rules and regulations by which it is governed. If those laws are not abided by, there is no much scope for the company to prosper in the adverse conditions created for it by itself.

  • Taglines, slogans, marketing and social media advertising techniques all should be selected very carefully.

If a company’s slogan or tagline is translated into another language to mean something totally different from its original meaning, there is no scope the company will continue to grow at the same pace as it did in its country of origin.

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