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    What is BPO and Call Centre?

    Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) or Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) is about getting into a contract with the third party for services. This includes Payroll, Accounting, Human Recourses, Customer support, Technical support and manufacturing. The outsourcing activity allows the company to concentrate on R & D and focus on new products. This allows them to work on stabilizing their markets.

    A call center facility is equipped to handle large amount of telephone calls. It handles all telephone communications with new and existing customers. The call center services help companies to stay connected with their customers. Calls can be classified into Inbound calls and Outbound calls. Inbound call centers handle customer support and customer enquiries. Outbound call centers are into telemarketing. Outbound call centers mainly focus on a large volume of calls for telemarketing, customer service collections, subscriptions etc. Inbound call centers typically handle product support, technical support, account assistance, billing etc for their clients.

    Why are call centers outsourced &

    Growing need for multilingual call centres in India

    All organizations are outsourcing non-core jobs so they can concentrate on the central and most important jobs like research, product innovation, marketing etc. Outsourcing can be Data entry to graphic design. Outsourcing helped organizations reduce operating cost, infrastructure cost and manpower cost. The difference in the time zones acts as an advantage to outsource, with India having 12hr difference the organizations are able to provide 24/7 support. Outsourcing jobs to India is more advantageous as we have a skilled workforce in spoken English.

    It is a known fact that a customer is at the centre of any business. To know the needs and wants of the customers, and to find solutions for their problems is important for any business to thrive. Hence effective communication with the customer proves crucial. It is important for the business to communicate with their customers in their native language so that they can convey exactly what they need. It is here that the need for setting up multilingual call centres come into the picture.








    We offer Different Voice Over Services

    Live Chat Support

    Selling, Cross-selling and Upselling

    Catalog Order Processing

    Vernacular Call Support

    One-time IVR Localization

    Dedicated Multilingual Outbound Callers

    Tech Support

    Order Management

    Telephone Answering Services

    Telemarketing Services

    Lead Generation

    Customer Feedback

    Event Invitations / Support


    Video Editing / Original Video Creation

    Hear From Our Clients

    • "Swift turnaround in helping us setup the IVR, ads, posters and digital collaterals across 4 languages! Kudos!"  

      Mahek Zest Money
    • "Appreciate your timely delivery at such a short notice in Hindi, Marathi & Telugu… Team MultiBhashi!"

      Arti Educomp smart classes
    • "Pleasure working with you guys @ MultiBhashi! Great quality in short a span of time for our Blog localisation in Hindi"      

      Rukiya Vyapar

    Sectors of Expertise

    Cloud Computing



    Marketing Consultants

    Document Processing

    Real Estate









    Beauty Products

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why haven’t you specified the rates on the website?

    We focus on quality service. Therefore, it is necessary to customize services for individual clients. Every project is unique and we provide individualized content writing services to each client. We provide you with a quotation after assessing your requirements. The pricing differs for content writing services, SEO writing service, blog writing, article writing and other writing services.

    Do you use the best and latest infrastructure & technology?

    Our organization follows the global standards with regards to employee safety, security and training. We have an excellent backup plan for any power outage, be it major or minor. We have multiple levels of power backup and we provide visibility into all our processes. We follow a 3-tier architecture for the network within our call centre infrastructure. Our network includes firewalls, advanced VPN communications, virus prevention/ cure, spam filters and URL filtering.

    Do you provide any type of training for the call centre executives?

    Our executives are professionally trained to sound courteous, warm, friendly, and enthusiastic on every single call. They undergo rigorous training and are also assisted with scripting tools and different strategies so that they are perfect with the process and precisely understand what to do on each call. Calls are monitored to ensure that the executives handle calls with perfection.

    How can i be assured of data security?

    We value our client’s confidentiality. Your files are private and protected from unauthorized access. As professionals, we are trained to understand the ethics of the business. All our employees sign NDA stating the files will not be shared inappropriately. We also have supervisors monitoring the same to ensure no information is leaked. We also give clients the option to personally remove completed transcriptions from our database.

    When the phones are busy, in what way you handle lost calls?

    Our agents unfailingly respond to these voice mails as soon as the lines become free again. Thus, we see to it that no call ever gets unattended. It is important for a call centre not to miss a call as this results in missing a customer and also a missed opportunity. Some points we take care of are:

    1. We have adequate staff to support our call flow. Our agents adhere to the schedule so that they are available when actually needed.

    2. We have an option to retrieve missed calls and try calling. We have a Voice mail in place so the customer leaves a message.

    3. We have designed call flow in such a way that the call gets forwarded to the next agent when the phone line is busy.

    Do you offer a discount of high volume?

    Standard rates are applied to most of the services; however – call us (9811304887) or email [email protected] us for a free quote and customized package.

    60 Minutes Turn Around Time

    Transchamp is committed to delivering excellent service and quality.
    Our turn around time starts at just 60 mins for translation services and we guarantee fastest delivery time for all other services.

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